Westfair continued the fun Friday offering multiple activities and attractions to see, especially for children.

Some events included a hypnotist, a magic show and LEGO.

The hypnotist and magicians were new this year.

On Friday, Kellen Marson, the hypnotist, started his 3 p.m. show to a small crowd, but a few brave volunteers went up front as he did a smaller hypnosis demonstration.

“The people are awesome, but some people are hesitant,” Marson said. “That depends on how some people view hypnotism.”

From Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Marson entertained shows at fairs with 100,000 people or more in the past, and did not put anyone under true hypnosis that time per request, he said.

The audience watched as the three volunteers followed his instructions such as “put your feet together,” or “close your eyes really tight.”

He then turned to the audience instructing them to clap on time or put their hand to their chin.

Marson said he saw twice as many people the day before, and has been loving the fair.

Mario Manzini and Victoria Rose Manzini performed 3 magic acts per day at Westfair this year.

“It’s been great, everyone likes it the kids the adults,” Mario said. “We do a great show. It’s magic and escapes, getting out of straight jackets and things like that.”

Mario and Victoria are both from New York, and they perform acts like escaping handcuffs, pulling coins out of ears, making a rope float, close up magic with cards and more.

He also used audience participation having people say magic words or asking audience members to join him toward the front podium.

Audience participation was also needed in the LEGO event as the children put together LEGO creations either on their own or using manuals.

Alex Rance, an Elkhorn High School graduate from Omaha, stood in to man the LEGO section as his father was busy earlier in the day.

“We didn’t have this much space before,” Rance said.

He said this was his first time manning the stand alone.

He answered questions and handed out manuals for attendees to make different designs out of the provided LEGOs and LEGO kits inside of the building.

Fair activities continue over the weekend through Sunday.

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