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Kamie - Before and After 7-20-16

Left: 300 pounds

Right: 280.3 pounds 

The last couple of weeks have been frustrating. I woke up with a nasty sinus infection July 8 and by Monday, July 11, I was leaving work to go lie down. I had been going to the gym, but I was taking it easy. On Tuesday I took a rest day, although I wasn't thrilled by the idea. My husband, Aaron, was lecturing me about how I was going to make myself sicker if I worked out.

I headed back to the gym Wednesday and went back every day but didn't feel up to a hard workout until Saturday.

In the meantime, I'd been doing less cardio and more lifting. I also consumed a few extra calories hoping it'd encourage my body to get over the crud I was dealing with a little faster. My weight jumped back up to 284, but that's all right. I'll just keep going.

Saturday's workout was awesome and I left feeling pretty good, with the exception of an achy knee.

The knee thing actually started this past Friday, but I ignored it. At that point it was just a little sore. By Sunday, I was back to taking it easy at the gym. I ran to the store, bought a knee brace and some Icy Hot wraps and threw some ice on it.

Sunday night I hardly slept. I couldn't get comfortable. I tried the Icy Hot wraps, but they kept rolling down. Apparently my knees are so fat that an XL knee wrap is too small, which is pretty special.

On Monday morning, I went to the gym and decided to do the recumbent bike instead of my usual elliptical routine. I felt pretty good until it was over. I stood up, walked toward the door and suddenly thought I was going to die.

I made it outside and stood on the edge of the sidewalk staring at my car, which was across the parking lot. People who drove by probably thought I was playing on my phone, but I was actually trying to figure out how I was going to step off the curb with a charlie horse that seemed to run from my ankle to my butt cheek.

I finally stepped down and thought to myself, "This is it. This is how I die."

I'm not entirely sure how I got to my car, but I did. My leg started to loosen up and feel better until I got home and had to get up the stairs and into my house. I walked — no, I can't truly call it walking — I hobbled in and Tink, one of my dogs, was staring at me like I had four sets of eyes.

I managed to get ready for work, although putting pants on was an interesting endeavor, and by the time I was ready to go the pain had mostly gone away. Except for the achy knee.

On Thursday, I finally decided to have it checked out. Apparently I've probably sprained my knee or potentially torn my meniscus. When I'm up moving around, it's not all that painful, but when I stop moving it's like someone is smacking it with a hammer.

I'm going to try some anti-inflammatory medication for a little while. Cross your fingers that it helps, otherwise I'll have to have an MRI. In the mean time, I get to continue to exercise but I have to be careful. I've been trying to figure out what exactly I did to anger it so much. I've decided to blame the StairMaster, whether it was that or not.

Let's talk about that awful machine, shall we? I've gotten pretty big into the Instagram thing the last couple of weeks, because a TON of people trying to lose weight have Instagram accounts and it can be really inspiring. In fact, I was SO inspired by a girl who said, "I found a gym with a stair stepper! I love the stair stepper!" that I thought to myself, "Oh, I should try that."

I wish I could tell you I climbed 20 flights of stairs. I wish I could tell you that I made it for 30 minutes. All I can tell you is that it was the worst two minutes of activity that I've experienced lately. I had high hopes, but I've decided to stick to the recumbent, elliptical and weights.

Kamie - Before and After 7-20-16

Left: 300 pounds

Right: 280.3 pounds 

I had been doing weight machines after cardio, but last week Aaron suggested I try out the free weights. I had planned to run, but my phone would connect to the gym's wifi and I wasn't running without music. All I could find on TV was Dr. Phil, and to be honest, it's just not a motivating as my play list.

Aaron also convinced me that I could do an assisted pull-up. Somehow, I managed to do five — it was on the easiest setting, but still. A month ago I wouldn't have even stepped onto the machine.

Even when the number on the scale goes up a little, I can see progress. It's not as instantaneous as I'd like, but I didn't wake up one morning suddenly fat either.

In total, I've lost 11.5 inches around my waist. I weighed in Thursday morning at 279.4. I've gone from a too small size 24 to a 20 that fits just right. I've had to dig out some of the clothes I've been holding on to in hopes that they'd fit again.

I'm getting stronger; the bat wings on my arms are shrinking as my muscles grow. I can run five miles on the elliptical, I can ride a 10k on the recumbent. I can eat something that tastes like heaven and still leave some on the plate when I'm full instead of eating it because it's there.

I'm not even close to where I want to be, but knowing that I'm trying makes me so proud. Knowing that even the slightest change is still a change makes the frustrating weeks go by a little easier. I'm a work in progress, I guess. Sometimes progress is slow and painful, but it's progress all the same.

20 Pounds

Starting Weight: 300

Starting BMI: 47 

Starting Body Fat:59%

Starting Waist: 55"

Current Weight: 279.4 

Current BMI: 43.8

Current Body Fat: 50%

Current Waist: 43.5"

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