It’s spring in Nebraska

Stocking caps and lots of layers - and blankets on the sidelines - are common to see during the spring sports season in Nebraska. (Telegraph file photo)

It’s spring in Nebraska.

That means the wind is going to blow and its going to rain and one day it could be 75 and sunny and the next it could be 40 and overcast.

That can really mess up a sports schedule.

The North Platte Community College softball team is no stranger to schedule changes. The Knights had to reschedule a pair of doubleheaders with McCook and even moved a doubleheader with Western Nebraska from Scottsbluff to North Platte.

The annual St. Pat’s-Hershey Track Invite? Just canceled. It’s hard to run on a track when there’s six inches of snow and blizzard the day before.

Same goes for the North Platte golf team, who moved up their annual invite — the first invite for most teams each season — from a Thursday to a Tuesday, and that Tuesday in March was in the 60s. That Thursday? The same blizzard that the track meet met.

It’s always windy at Wild Horse Golf Club. Our friends out at the National Weather Service office could tell you that winds are at 5 mph and gusting to 8 mph and it feels like 50 mph northwest of Gothenburg. So how do you think it feels when the wind is actually blowing 50 mph?

St. Pat’s and Gothenburg decided — smartly — not to find out. They moved that a few days later and got perfect weather.

The Bluejays of Creighton decided they weren’t even going to try to figure it out to play the season finale against Nebraska on Tuesday. They’ve moved that into May, which you would think would see better weather, but Sunday is May Day and the forecast is calling for 51 and rain.

Football saw a mild summer extend into fall, and us sportswriters commented quite regularly on the grand weather. It was 70 for a playoff game I went to in Oshkosh between Garden County and Sandhills/Thedford.

Spring? Not so much.

The first soccer match of the this season out at Madison Middle School the wind chill was in the 20s. Wear lots of layers and turn your back to the wind, its spring in Nebraska.