Teen girl arrested in burglary at Husker football coach Scott Frost's home

Scott Frost

Police said Monday that they are investigating missing athletic memorabilia from Husker coach Scott Frost’s house in Lincoln.

Frost told police this afternoon that he has found the championship rings from his time at Nebraska, Oregon and Central Florida that were initially reported stolen, according to Capt. Todd Kocian with the Lincoln Police Department. Items that are still unaccounted for include five football helmets, Air Jordan shoes and photographs, Kocian said.

Frost released a statement Monday afternoon that said, “The incident that occurred at our home is obviously very disappointing and discouraging. All of our belongings were gone through, and it will take some time to determine exactly what is missing and the value of those items.”

The statement also said, “the value of what we believe to actually be missing is lower than what has been publicly reported.” Lincoln police had said the stolen items were worth $165,000.

Frost’s home is being renovated, and it appears entry was gained through an unlocked door, police said. The home was unoccupied.

The incident took place sometime between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.

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