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Memorial Day, May 25, 2020 Celebration in North Platte
The traditional Memorial Day celebration at the 20th Century Veterans Memorial has been canceled due to the COVID-19 virus.
President of the Board, Kevin Kennedy, and several of his fellow veterans from the VFW and American Legion, have made other
plans to ensure that the honoring of our veterans, past and present, will still happen on this Memorial Day 2020.
There will be a parade of cars honoring our veterans on Memorial Day, starting from the VFW and American Legion buildings
on east 4th Street in North Platte. The parade of cars will leave the VFW at 9:00 am and go west on 4th to Jeffers Street, and then
turn north, going to Cody Park. After a drive through Cody Park, they will head back south on Jeffers and go through the heart of
North Platte, staying on Jeffers all the way to the 20th Century Veterans Memorial. Once at the Memorial, a wreath will be placed
at the Law Enforcement Memorial. The parade of cars will disperse there with no official gathering. At approximately 10:15, a
fly-over will occur over the Memorial by Lloyd Remus and other crew members coming from Colorado Springs, CO area. We
have enjoyed fly-overs each year to honor veterans on Memorial Day by Lloyd and crew. They will do a fly-over at approximately
10:00 am at Fort McPherson, then fly over the Memorial in North Platte. From the Memorial, they will fly over the North Platte
hospital in a show of appreciation of area medical staff.
We encourage you to show your appreciation to our veterans, past and present, on Memorial Day. We are confident that our
country will recover and again be able to gather in appreciation for those who gave their all, and those who continue to make
huge scarifies for our freedom.

PO BOX 370, NORTH PLATTE, NE 691030370


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