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Cody Keno | Gaming & Bar | North Platte NE

Cody Keno, North Platte's Hottest Game


215 E 6th St
North Platte, NE 69101
Last Updated: July 25, 2018


About Cody Keno | Gaming & Bar | North Platte NE

Cody Keno in North Platte is a fun and entertaining gambling game-with 5 locations to choose from.

Cody Keno in North Platte is a fun and exciting numbers game. There are many ways to win big & small, and we are always offering new exciting games with chances to win up to 50,000 per game. Must be 19 years of age to play.

From Big-8 Combo to 20 Spot Special or Catch-Alls, there are many different games to suit your taste. You also have opportunities to multiply your winning with our MULTIPLIER side bet.

Come and join the fun at these five locations!

  • Brothers Tavern
  • Canteen Bar & Grille
  • House Bar
  • Platte Bar
  • Wild Bills Wings & Bowling

Check hours on our locations tab.


Other Information



A fantastic place to join a group of friends and have a great time.  Good food, good drinks, and good fun.  And don’t forget Keno!

Hours: 11:00AM-1:00AM | Sunday – Call for hours

Canteen Bar & Grille has the traditional wide selection of beer on tap and quick, hot sandwiches found at most similar spots.  Canteen Bar & Grille makes its name on steak, prime rib, and wine racks filled with vintages to impress most connoisseurs.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 5:00PM-Midnight | Saturday – Call for hours

Come enjoy our cold drinks, pool table, darts, and good music selection on the juke box.  We have a nice outdoor area and friendly atmosphere.

Hours: 11:00AM-Midnight | Sunday – Call for hours

The Platte Bar is an old time North Platte favorite since 1961.  It’s a great place to relax and enjoy yourself with food, fun, and drink.

Hours: 8:00AM-Midnight | Sunday – Call for hours

This restaurant has something for everyone in the family – bowling, arcade, good drinks, and great food.  Come check us out!

Hours: 11:00AM-10:30PM | Sunday – Call for hours

How To Play

How to Play

1. Keno sheets and crayons are located at tables throughout the lounge.

2. Mark as many numbers as you like (from 1 to 15) on your keno sheet and put the price (from $1 to $100) in the space provided at the top right hand corner of the keno sheet. 

3. Take the keno sheet to any of the keno writers to pay for your ticket and get a computer generated copy of your ticket.  Check for mistakes on the computer generated ticket before the game is closed.  The computer generated ticket is the ruling ticket, no matter if the mistake was yours or the keno writer.

4. A keno game is called every 5 to 10 minutes.  Twenty (20) numbers are chosen at random from the eighty (80) numbers on the board.

5. To determine if your ticket is a winner, consult the pay table and locate the section which has the number of spots/numbers you picked.  Then check to see how many of the numbers you picked showed up on the board (known as catches or hits).  See if the number of catches/hits you made was enough to make you a winner!

6. Take your ticket to the keno counter after you have determined it is a winner, to have it verified and paid by a keno writer.

7. Some people prefer to stick with their same numbers game after game.  If you prefer to do this just bring the ticket up to the keno counter and say “replay” this ticket after each game, or better yet, book your ticket for the next 5, 10, or 20 games!

8. All winnings must be cashed by end of game.


Rules and Other Information

1. Quick Picks (Computer picks your numbers for you!) are available.  Just ask for a Quick Pick for however many numbers you want, and how much you want to play it for.

2. You must be 19 years of age to play.

3. Tickets can be played for any amount from $1.00 to $100.00.  You may play as many tickets as you desire each game.

4. Please check your tickets to be certain that they have been marked correctly.  The computer copy given to you is the ruling ticket.  We cannot change a ticket after the game has been called.

5. W-2G tax forms are filled out for all net winners over $1,500.00.  That is, you must profit $1,500.00 after deducting what you paid for the ticket.  Example: if you spend $10.00 on a ticket and cash for $1,505.00, you only net $1,495.00, so no tax form would be filled out.