Focus: In past 3 months, 4 have died, 2 injured in Nebraska

ATVs are involved in many farm-related accidents each year. Proper tire inflation, proper travel speed, proper size and age of the driver, proper training and caution, and helmets, all reduce the risks. Risks are greater when traveling on or across roadways or uneven ground, such as pastures. No ATV that is meant for one person, should be used to carry a passenger.

Farm accidents in the last three months in Nebraska resulted in two deaths and two injuries. Only accidents reported by the media are included.

On Feb. 9 a 69-year-old Nebraska City man was killed in a grain bin accident. He and another man were using an auger to unload soybeans from the bottom of the bin when the grain quit flowing out. The man entered the bin to loosen the beans, which had stuck together, forming a bridge above an empty cavity. Soon the other man became concerned and called out, but did not get an answer from inside the bin, so the helper called 911. Emergency crews responded and cut into the side of the bin to release the man, who had died. The incident was reported by the Columbus News Team.

The same day (Feb. 9), a 53-year-old Cuming County man was killed when a tree he was cutting on his farm fell on him. That was reported by the Norfolk Daily News.

On Feb. 5 a 40-year-old Fairfield man was killed by a bull. The Bristol Herald reported that “the man was carrying a bucket and checking cows (in a field) when the bull attacked.”

On Jan. 4 a man in Sarpy County was thrown from a tractor when the machine struck a log. He was hospitalized with broken bones and possible internal injures. That was reported by 10/11 News. His age was not given.

On Dec. 28 a 42-year-old man near Clarkson was injured when he was thrown from an ATV while working cattle. Norfolk Daily News reported that the machine rolled over as a result of mechanical issues.

On Nov. 29 a 44-year-old man was fatally electrocuted when he was installing an electric fence. The wire broke and flipped up, coming into contact with a power line overhead. That happened in Morrill County and was reported by KNEB TV.

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