Rick Volker

Rick Volker helped put on a dinner for community volunteers, as a volunteer himself.

Rick Volker spent a day volunteering to put on a dinner for volunteers.

Working both for the Ready to Serve Volunteer Program and the Eagles Club, Volker helped set up a room of bright-colored table cloths and centerpieces before going to work cooking for RSVP’s event.

Voker also volunteers for the Salvation Army, Senior Center and Veterans of Foreign Wars. He said he has volunteered for more than 20 years.

“It keeps me busy,” he said.

On Fridays, Volker helps unload a truck of produce to give out at the Salvation Army, when people come for free fruits on Fridays. Volker said he couldn’t pick a favorite volunteer effort.

“They’re all about the same,” he said.

Volker’s wife, Myra, spoke about Volker’s volunteer efforts in her nomination letter.

“I’ve watched him go help wherever he was needed even though he might not feel well,” she said, adding that Volker “just can’t say no.”

Myra and Rick have an adult son, Daniel. Rick grew up in Waterloo, Iowa, and has been retired from Union Pacific Railroad since 2002.

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