I can think of no better way to start the holiday season than to marvel at the wonderful Robert M. Rouch Memorial Living Christmas Tree.

I would never miss it. I was one of the singers for 13 of the performances and I have written about it in my column since it started.

Linda Logsdon, in her third year as director gave me some insight into this year’s production. What follows is my conversation:

Mary: Last year was the big 25th performance. Do you plan anything new and different to kick off the next 25?

Linda: We had a great time celebrating the Living Christmas Tree last year! Many individuals that had been in a previous performance came to reminisce and reconnect. I was one of them, having performed for 12 years.

This year we will enjoy a children’s choir. The voices of children always bring a smile to our faces and warmth to our hearts.

M: Is this a new creation by Brittany McDaniel?

L: This year, Brittany has written an original script titled “Dear Mom.”

M: Brittany’s dad, Darrell Drullinger, added some information about the script.

Darrell: What do nine characters, in all ages and all walks of life have in common in this moving Christmas drama? They’re all writing letters to their mothers during this Christmas season; asking questions, opening their hearts, and sharing their concerns.

M: When did you start the planning?

L: In the spring of this year, the process of selecting the music began. Our first rehearsal was on Sept. 15.

M: Who are the soloists?

L: This year there will only be one soloist. Annie von Kampen will perform the solo in the song “Christmastime.”

M: What inspires you to keep helping put this production on?

L: It is a privilege and honor to direct the Living Christmas Tree. God has blessed us with great singers, but more importantly God has blessed us with people who love the Lord and love to tell the story of Jesus in song.

It is a thrill when the harmonies come together with all the different voices, but it is an even greater thrill when an individual tells us that their lives have been touched by the music and now are truly ready to celebrate Christmas.

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