When I reread my own column from last week and finally saw in print the story of the Telegraph hiring me, it caused me to stop in my tracks and say, “What? Are you kidding me?”

Who would hire a potential employee to write a column who couldn’t walk or use their hands? But they did. No questions asked. I am still shaking my head.

They just said, go, write your column, and I was off and running. I never missed a deadline

My first column was about the Robert M. Rouch Memorial Living Christmas Tree. I have written about it every year since. For 25 years, people have expected my column would keep them informed and up-to-date about all church news and views. And I did. Topics included Nebraskaland Day events such as the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast and Family Night. Other events were the Crop Walk, Meet Me at the Pole, the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church Pumpkin Festival and many other annual comings and goings.

Through the years, I have interviewed many people, attended many of the events I wrote about and made many wonderful friends. I have a folder on each person I ever interviewed and every event. My total as of today is well over 300 folders. Each one is filled with little tidbits of information about each person that I may use in the future.

One of my all-time favorites was meeting Tom Osborne at the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast and corresponding with him since then. Then I met Dave Humm. Wow! He and I hit it off immediately. Who would have thought I would be best friends with a pro football player. We became soul mates. I miss our weekly visits.

Writing this column has allowed me to meet and make lasting friendships that I still cherish today. Many of those friends come in and visit when they are in the neighborhood.

I see so many people when I am out and about that I have dubbed them my “DBFs” (drive-by fans). They are in a hurry, but they call out to me as they zoom by, “Loved your column.”

This column has given me much joy and a purpose. Nancy Whitaker wrote a thank you note, way back when, and told me that what I was doing was not a job, it was a ministry. She hit the nail on the head. This column is my ministry. And that blesses me.

Through the years, this column has morphed from reporting facts about things going on in the religious community to writing about people and their Christian walk. I have shared in-depth, heart-warming, life-changing stories as well as some fun and silly stories to bring smiles to you.

Let me say it once more. You keep reading and I’ll keep writing.

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