side roll sprinkler

A side roll sprinkler sits in a field at Jorgensons' Sod Farm southeast of Hershey. The Jorgensons raise a blend of disease tolerant Kentucky bluegrass varieties. They cut and sell rolls of sod for installation by landscapers and homeowners.

Bear and Deanna Jorgenson are farmers, but where they used to grow row crops, just outside of Hershey, now they grow turf. They got started in lawn care long before they made that switch, when they bought a spraying business from two Hershey coaches in the early 1990s.

Their son, Dustin, was in high school then. Later, he came home to work during the summers when he was in college. Jorgensons’ Lawn Service has grown a great deal, Bear said. Now “Deanna and Dustin are the main hubs” and “I help out.” Bear also manages River’s Edge Golf Club in North Platte.

The Jorgensons have a crew of 10 to 15 employees, including longtime employee Keegan Kuroki of Hershey, who started working for them as a teenager.

For their lawn customers, they typically spray four times a year to fertilize and control weeds, insects and diseases.

It’s a “pride thing to do right by your customers,” Bear said.

In 2015 Bear and Deanna established Jorgensons’ Sod Farm, LLC, in partnership with Dustin and Dustin’s wife, Joni.

The extra precipitation this year “was good for the sod,” Bear said, but rain can delay cutting it.

“The weather is a factor you deal with,” Deanna said, whether rain and wind or heat and cold, but you do what you need to do to work around it.

They grow, cut and deliver sod for landscapers or homeowners to install. “We basically try to do all of our (sod) business locally,” Bear said.

As for the future, Deanna said the main plan is to continue serving their customers. “That is the top priority. ... Customer service is an important part of any business,” she said, and “it’s your biggest advertisement.”

“We’ve worked with some great customers and developed friendships over the years,” she said.

“Everybody’s been so good to us,” added Bear.

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