Local rancher honored with Rangeman’s Award

Skip Marland of North Platte is presented the Rangeman’s Award by Jeff Nichols at the annual meeting of the Society of Range Management, Nebraska Section, on Oct. 17 at Holiday In Express. Nichols is past president of the Nebraska Section.

Telegraph staff reports

Skip Marland of North Platte is recipient of this year’s Rangeman’s Award from the Society for Range Management, Nebraska Section. The award recognizes ranchers for outstanding grazing management and improvement of Nebraska’s rangeland resources.

Marland was honored at the society’s annual meeting on Oct. 17 at the Holiday Inn Express in North Platte, 300 Holiday Frontage Road.

He was recognized for following grazing practices that have allowed grass to grow where there were blowouts, and have promoted a healthy environment for the growth of various plant species.

At the same time, his rotational grazing practices have resulted in healthy, productive cattle herds. Marland and his wife, Eileen, own a ranch in Hooker County in the central Nebraska Sandhills.

Marland earned a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, graduating with honors, from Colorado State University. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, achieving the rank of captain.

Since then, in addition to ranching, he has worked as an agricultural loan officer and correspondent, and worked in farm and ranch sales and management in Nebraska, Wyoming and Kansas.

In the process, he has developed computer tools for scheduling grazing and monitoring animal-forage balances, and helped other ranchers improve their grassland health and productivity.

SRM is for ranchers and other range management professionals and works to promote sustainable use of rangelands. Information is available at nesrm.org.