Unique light can make camp brighter

The Z Bug, by NEBO, is a multi-function light as well as a bug zapper to get mosquitoes in one package. I have tested NEBO products for years and they work! Use this on your patio, on your boat or in your next camp. This is one of the most unique products I have seen on this market for the outdoors yet this year.

Welcome to June. June means that summer is here and so are mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are a bane of summer that you just have to deal with. Don’t forget that mosquitoes carry the West Nile and Zika viruses. It hasn’t been in the news yet, but these mosquito-borne illnesses are still out there. However, when it comes to mosquitoes this summer, you can do it in style.

And every outdoor enthusiast needs light at some point. Sitting around in the dark all evening in camp is not fun, trying to find that killer lure that fell on the deck of the boat and bounced out of sight during a late-night walleye troll is never a good thing — needing a good way to make light is just part of enjoying the outdoors.

Now, imagine a rugged, dependable and inexpensive light you can carry on your outdoor adventures that would also kill mosquitoes … what would you think of that? Well, a light like this exists. It is called the Z Bug, by NEBO.

If you are a regular reader of this column, you know that I am a fan of NEBO lights. I have field-tested several models over the years and they can survive my trips afield. That’s not an easy task for any piece of equipment.

The NEBO Z Bug reminds me of a vintage railroad lantern. It measures 3½ inches in diameter and stands about 7 inches tall with the handle up. The unit telescopes to about 10 inches tall when you open it up to use the area light.

I have a similar, earlier model NEBO lantern that has been with me on many trips into the outdoors. I’ve dropped it out of tree stands, bounced it down the driveway, had it fall in the water (it floats), kicked it around the bottom of my boat or canoe for hours on end. It keeps working, so I know the quality of NEBO lights.

With the NEBO Z Bug, a single button switch controls all the light functions — a spotlight when the unit is closed and a soft white light that will cast light over a small area, like a table top, when you extend the unit to its full height.

Hit the button again and a blue ultraviolet bug-attracting light comes on with the white light and energizes the bug-zapping rails in the light. One more press of the switch turns off the white light but leaves the bug-attracting light and energized rails on to help rid the area of mosquitoes and any other flying bug. All this using only three AA batteries.

You don’t have to travel to Denver, Lincoln or Omaha or go online to get this light. The Cohagen Battery Store, at 320 S. Dewey St., carries this unique product. These lights are regularly $24.99, but if you tell the guys at Cohagen’s that you heard about the Z Bug via this column, you can get it for $19.99. How’s that for a good deal? You can bet one of these will be in my camps this summer!

Weatherby news

Do you remember when Weatherby Inc. announced that the company would move from its longtime home and facility in Paso Robles, California, to Sheridan, Wyoming, last February? Well, since that announcement Weatherby has been planning its grand opening of its new facility in Wyoming.

The company moved into the new facility in March; however, the official grand opening was set to take place on June 13.

“California represents a rich history and an established legacy that I never want to forget or take for granted,” said Adam Weatherby, grandson of Roy Weatherby, founder of the company. “Wyoming, on the other hand, now represents a bright and promising future for Weatherby. People often ask me why we made the move. Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin.”

As I stated above, June 13 will be the grand opening of Weatherby’s facility in Sheridan, Wyoming. The company wants to invite everyone to the visitors center and to participate in the official ribbon cutting.

Events will be taking place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. MT. Multiple auction items including two Mark V Gold Commemorative rifles with serial numbers WY000003 and WY000307, raffles, conservation group activities, live music and facility viewing areas will all be part of the celebration. The visitors center will have historical documents, classic taxidermy and opportunities to learn about Weatherby history.

“I am so grateful for Weatherby’s past and the rich heritage that began so many years ago in Southern California with my grandfather. I am also incredibly grateful for the state of Wyoming and the many others that helped get us to our new home.” says Adam Weatherby.

Weatherby is now located on the north end of Sheridan at 1550 Yellowtail Drive. You know, it is only 500 miles to Sheridan. Road trip?

Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss’ CEO, Chip Bergh, has shown his colors. He is anti-gun and is now throwing lots of money to anti-gun forces to help them in their cause. He has set up a $1 million fund to provide grants to anti-gun nonprofits and activists. He has joined forces with Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun organization, has promised to double the amount that any employee gives to an anti-gun organization and has stated that he will grant paid leave of up to five hours per month to any employee doing volunteer work for any group working to ban guns.

I’m guessing that you will never see a Levi Strauss product as part of any of my Christmas wish lists.

Have a great time in the outdoors.

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