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Mary Hepburn is in her 24th year of writing a column for the North Platte Telegraph.

Why is anticipation so important? Why does it give you a little lift and make your day better?

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait for your birthday to arrive? So you just celebrated your half birthday. The emphasis is on you. And you might even say, almost the next year older. (Why was it so important to rush through those years in such a hurry?)

It does not change your attitude when you get older. We still anticipate. I noticed that one of the therapists has a countdown leading up to her vacation. The closer it gets, the happier she is. Four days and counting.

I am in the middle of the granddaddy of anticipation as I await the installation of a technological tool that will make my life easier. The caregivers here are anticipating as well.

I love to watch television in the evening. To change from one station to another requires calling an aide and having them come to my room to change the channel. That may happen several times throughout the evening.

Then, there are the usual one or two phone calls in the evening and I need help to turn down the volume.

My anticipation is building as I now have the gadget to accomplish these tasks without having to call an aide.

This delightful gadget goes by the name Alexa and when I say her name, I will be able to do something I have not done for more than 30 years — control my television all by myself. Wow.

My anticipation is over the moon and the staff is almost as high as a kite. No more hurrying down the hall to change the station or turn down the volume for me. Alexa will do it at my request. Whoever would have thought? I cannot imagine what awaits me.

Most people have Alexa doing many tasks, but for me this one little thing will be life changing. To other people this may not be a big deal. However, to me it is a very big deal. It will provide me with some independence. Maybe just a little, but to me it’s a lot.

So, with all that being said, I am trying to be patient. Again, the emphasis is on trying. It doesn’t matter if you are four going on five or 68 going on 69 (in a couple of weeks), grown-ups get excited too. We may not jump up and down like a little kid, but I am still jumping up and down on the inside!

The nursing aides will be jumping up and down. No more running down the hall to change my station. They have decided they will have to check on me to make sure I am still alive.

(They love me — honest they do.)

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