There are blessings of being quarantined by the coronavirus at Linden Court. One of the bright lights is Emily. She is a staff member from the activity department and comes around and reads devotions to residents.

The other day she tracked me down in the courtyard where I was enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air. She told me I would like the devotion she was to going to read. It was about napping. It was about the holy work of napping.

I closed my eyes and listened to her calming, soothing, angelic voice.

Let me share this calming journey with you from

“My heart was racing from exhaustion at the end of the workday. I collapsed into bed at 6 p.m., acutely aware of the many things that needed my attention — urgent things with unmovable deadlines. I recognized the feeling as my body silently screamed at me. Physically and emotionally tapped out, the only remedy was a nap, now.

“Sometimes, I find myself where rest seems impossible. I remember complaining to a colleague how busy I was all the time. Later, that day he sent me an email.

“He had seen the Bible on my desk and felt compelled to encourage me to rethink how I work.

“He barely knew me but he was right. I had allowed the busyness of life and the worries of this world to keep me from resting. The scripture he sent was Psalm 127:2, ‘It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil.’

“That is when I realized naps could be my way of balancing the craziness of life. Naps are holy work. Naps require faith. Naps remind me of Jesus.

“Naps are now part of my life. Even when deadlines are staring me down, I choose to listen to my body because I will be better for it. I go take a nap. I have learned to embrace the gift of rest because God loves me.

“God blessed the seventh day and made it holy. God rested from all the work that he had done with creation.”

Emily was right. This devotion was perfect for me. Been there, done that. Many of the words that she read is how I try to live my life.

Here are some more good words of wisdom:

“Every day the world will drag you by the hand yelling, this is important! And this is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this and this!

“And each day it is up to you to yank your hand back and put it on your heart and say, ‘No! This is what is important.’”

­­­­One of the important things that I have learned is in the middle of the busyness you have to stop and breathe and ask yourself, “What is it that I need?” Decide, and then take the time to do it.

We all need to trust God because he has everything under control. If you believe those words you will be able to rest and take care of yourself.

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