On Aug. 1, Mid-Nebraska Physical Therapy and the Great Plains Health Sports and Therapy Center will become one team allowing the two organizations to further strengthen the range of services for sports, occupational, speech and orthopedic rehabilitation in the region, according to a press release from GPH.

“This is a great opportunity for us to leverage the strengths of both organizations to enhance the impact we have in the communities we serve,” said Danelle Franzen, senior director of ancillary services at Great Plains Health. “Combining our resources will allow us to better serve and provide easier access to the people in the region.”

A few growth areas that Franzen points to are lymphedema therapy, orthopedic hand therapy, pain management, sports medicine and an oncology rehabilitation team.

“We align very closely with the values of Great Plains Health,” said Jason Merz, PT. “By partnering and combining our teams, our organizations have a greater depth and capacity, which will ultimately have a positive impact on access and services for our patients.

“Patients will continue with an option of seeing the therapist of their choice,” Merz said. “Grant Schramm, Jennifer Dyer, Laura Dickinson, myself and the rest of the Mid-Nebraska Physical Therapy team will be here to serve patients as always. We are simply combining groups under one organization and serving our patients out of two locations: Great Plains Health Sports and Therapy Center at Cottonwood and Great Plains Health Sports and Therapy Center at Leota.”

Together, with a team of more than 35 licensed and certified therapists and assistants, the entities offer a wide range of inpatient and outpatient physical therapy services for sports and orthopaedic injuries, postsurgical rehabilitation, arthritic conditions, balance disorders, specialized programs for women’s health, aquatic therapy and work-related injuries, the release said. Additional therapy services include cardiac rehabilitation, speech therapy and occupational therapy.

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