North Platte Area Habitat for Humanity hosted a Build Competition earlier this month on their Facebook page.

The idea behind the competition was to get families together to create or build a house using building blocks, according to a press release.

Those interested in competing were encouraged to submit up to four photos of their family and their build creation to the Habitat offices for a chance at one of three prizes.

First place prize of a Switchyard Grill and Pub gift card went to Landon Shepherd.

“Thank you for the fun time and for choosing my build to be the winner. My mom and I had a great time,” Shepherd said. “I plan to keep building project. A big thank you for the gift card. I plan to treat my family.”

Second place prize of an ACE Hardware gift card went to the Tyan family.

“Thank you so much! My boys are super excited and proud of the work they did on their house! We loved our time building this Lego house as a family and supporting Habitat at the same time,” said Samantha Tyan. “Can’t wait for next year’s contest!”

Third place prize of a Double Dips Ice Creamery gift card went to the Barker family.

“The Habitat for Humanity Build Contest was a great way for our family to support an important cause, while engaging our family in a friendly, competitive activity,” the family said in a press release. “Our kids really took the lead and enjoyed creating their Lego home!”

Prize sponsors also served as judges for the competition.

“We were thrilled by the level of creativity the families brought to this competition,” said Executive Director Dalene Skates. “It is definitely something we will do again. So, keep an eye on our Facebook page for our 2021 Build Competition announcement.”

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