The Prairie Arts Center has announced winners and honorable mentions for its Open Winter Landscapes Exhibit.

It runs through Dec. 28 and features 2-D and 3-D art, as well as photography and textile pieces, that reflect “the beauty of the outdoors.


First: “Busted” — Brent Hoover

Second: “Winter Trail” — Roberta Barnes

Third: “Platte River” — Sue Perez


First: “Home On The Range” — Keith and Holly Howe

Second: “Creek Splendor” — Virginia Clark

Third: “Along In The Fog” — Terry Kingston

Honorable Mentions

“Winter Solitude” — Sharon Skinner

“Snowy Woods” — Cindi Egging

“Mountain” — Keith and Holly Howe

“Stillness Of Winter” — Jack Stevens

“Footloose” — Keith and Holly Howe

“Winter Road-Batik” — Kyle Hoyt

“Shaving Reeds” — Brent Hoover

“Winter” — Tiiu Swan

“December Song” — Patsy Smith

“Winter’s Grasp” — Roberta Barnes

“Hoar Frost” — Jack Stevens

“Snowshoe Day” — Cindi Egging

“Along The River” — Norma Stevens

“December Chill Evening” — Patsy Smith

“December Landscape” — Wava Best

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