Steele: It’s the little things that count

This 1940s or 1950s figurine and bowl could have many uses, whether it be to keep items next on your bedstand, or next to the sink.

Well, we have certainly had a busy and very interesting week. I have cancelled my What’s It Worth antique classes at Wild Bill’s until further notice, but thank goodness, I can still write my Trash & Treasures article as they should not be contagious, at this point. I pray that everyone around the world will take care and take precautions in order for all of us to be safe in the long run.

When I started looking around for something interesting and cute for this week’s article, I found this on my “to do” table or list, and I thought it might just be the perfect little item to make us forget for a few moments what is going on around the world and right here at home. I can almost bet that most everyone of us have had something similar through our lifetimes — whether you might remember a similar item sitting on your granddad’s nightstand or dresser, or maybe a bookend or maybe even a cute little bronze toy horse to play with and make up all kinds of ranches and stampedes, or even maybe a vintage homestead of sorts. When young, our imaginations can run wild, but at my age now, my imagination is kind of on hold or put on delete button for some reason.

But, when we look back through our childhoods, maybe you will remember something as cute as this or even cuter. It is just the right size to hold your watch, cufflinks or your change from your pants pocket for the day. But you ladies, young or not so young, could use something like this on your dresser as well. Maybe when you take your rings off at night, at the kitchen sink for your rings or how about if you need something to hold your special thimble and sewing thread/needle till you need it the next time in your sewing room. It could be used for so many things — I only wish it could talk and tell us its story.

I am thinking it is from the 1940s or early 1950s eras. I think that it could have been a Christmas present or just a thank you gift back then. Or maybe it was a special something you really wanted at the time. Who knows? But we can imagine all kinds of different stories, for sure. These are not valuable by any means unless they happen to be signed by the artist — then that would be a totally different story. Usually these were made by the hundreds from the same mold and not numbered. If you were to find one with a number such as “01/1000,” well then it would be a totally different situation. More than likely, it would also have a signature somewhere on it or at least initials of the artist who may have made it. And thus, you would definitely have a fun collectible or treasure on your hands. As this one sits, its probably worth a few dollars, but if made by an artist and signed, then sold at auction, who knows what it might bring on the auction block. Please remember, it needs to be signed or trademarked in some way before. I wonder how many of you right now are lifting up your statuettes to see if anything is marked on them. I gotcha. Pottery, bronze, metals, onyx and on and on — different materials can be molded or sanded or cut away to make just about anything.

And this is just a taste of what we find in our travels near or far away — items like this little cutie remind us of our yesterdays when we visited our grandparents or aunts and uncles, and other family members! It would be fun to get one of my great grandkids interested in something like this so we could “hunt” together — food for thought, Judy. That would be fun this summer — we will just have to keep this little idea in mind for a summer thing to do with the great grandkids.

Please remember this time will pass when we have to stay home and behave ourselves and just plain take good care of ourselves, but it is hard. This will pass before we know it and we will pray that it never happens again in our grandchildrens’ and great grandchildrens’ lifetimes. Just take good care of yourself and your families the best we can right now. But remember to have fun, too. I know television is a big help but don’t forget to shut it off and play games with your little ones (and I have heard from my granddaughter that she is busy being a teacher for her two older sons who were in school) — and we pray for good weather soon so they can go out and play, go to Cody Park and run like crazy, feed the animals, have ice cream, ride the rides and just plain enjoy the spring like weather. I think of the baby calves being born on a wintry (should be spring) like day. I am writing this on Thursday so I am describing the windy and wet day it is today — but hoping like crazy we will have wonderful springy days this week and all next week, too!

I am having a hard time concentrating this afternoon when my brain goes back to all who are suffering with this virus or those who are praying we don’t get it. Be safe. Be careful It will soon be garage and yard sale days, so we need to get ready for our treasure hunting at the sales around the neighborhoods and neighboring towns as well. And please do not forget the antique shops in your area — when they are open, take a friend and run through the shops or just plain take a drive when the time is right. There are better days coming so keep the smile on your face and plan for those beautiful spring and summer days ahead.

One more thought: It is also a good time for us to rearrange our homes and garages. You might even be surprised what you may find in your very own surroundings. I am not even going to mention housecleaning or anything like that — ugh, because that is not fun! But, I really do need to box some stuff up and clean up my office area and quite a few other things that I have put off doing way too long. Now, I just need to find my “get up and go” because I think I left it somewhere and cannot find it anywhere. I will be thinking about what I can do next week when I have some ambition springing up, hopefully. Take care, everyone. Be good to yourselves and think, “Antiques or junk days are ahead.”

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