LINCOLN — Catchable-size rainbow trout are being stocked in city ponds and lakes across the state by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. These stockings will enhance fishing opportunities this fall and winter.

Trout fishing is a great way to introduce children to fishing because simple and inexpensive equipment may be used.

A spinning or spin-cast rod and reel with a hook baited with a worm will work well. Add a split shot a couple of feet above the hook and a bobber a couple of feet above the split shot. Spinners, salmon eggs, dough baits and artificial flies also can catch trout.

The 90,000-plus trout are approximately 10 inches long. The following is a tentative stocking schedule, including quantities:

Thursday: Curtis Golf Course Pond, Curtis, 150; Lexington City Lake, Lexington, 750; Lake Helen, Gothenburg, 2,000.

Friday: Holdrege City Park Pond, Holdrege, 2,000; Melham Park Lake, Broken Bow, 875.

Oct. 22: Humphrey Pond, Ogallala, 600.

Oct. 30: Birdwood WMA, North Platte, 4,000

Nov. 5, 7 and 9: Lake Ogallala, 4,000 each day

Nov. 12: Lake Ogallala, 3,000.

Dec. 20: Birdwood WMA, North Platte, 4,000.

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