David Dorsey of Valentine won the Best of Show award at the Nebraskaland Days Competitive Art Show.

Awards were presented at a reception at the Prairie Arts Center on Tuesday evening.

“The Prairie Arts Center is elated with the turnout and the opportunity to share the immense talent across the state,” said PAC Executive Director Holly Carlini.

She said this was the biggest show yet with 132 entries from across Nebraska and Colorado.

“The level of talent was outstanding this year,” said Nebraskaland Days Executive Director David Fudge.

The show featured categories in Western art, wildlife, family and open categories in 2D, 3D and photography.

Russ Erpelding, ARTreach coordinator and curator with the Museum of Nebraska Art in Kearney judged the show, which will be displayed through June 29.

2019 Nebraskaland Days Competitive

Art Show

People’s Choice: Jessica Hill, “Caterpillar Hunter”

Best of Show: David Dorsey, “Night Fire”


1st Place, 2D Overall: Kyle Hoyt, “The Brand”

2nd, Western: Jessica Hill, “Siblings”

3rd, Western: Ginger Wilson, “Shoot!”

2nd, Wildlife: Ron Nordyke, “Flight Patterns”

3rd, Wildlife: Tim and Katie Bergland, “Bugle Boy”

2nd, Family: Jessica Hill, “Caterpillar Hunter”

3rd, Family: David Dorsey, “Brothers”

2nd, Open: Susan Hart, “The Bridge Between”

3rd, Open: Val Hyde, “Love Muscle”


1st: Mike Pochop, “Be Still”

2nd:Terry Kingston, “Empty Highway”

3rd: Mike Pochop, “Lunar Fire”


1st: Sondra Dunn Mahoney, “Gold Mining in the Old West”

2nd: Ron Meyer, “Buffalo Bill”

3rd: Wava Best, “Encounters of Lewis and Clark”


1st: Hallie Sexson, “Untitled”

2nd: Teya Carlini, “Moonlight”

3rd: Tessa Hansen, “Penguin Pizzazz”

Honorable Mention

1. Amy Minshull, “My Rock”

2. Sue Johnson, “Truly Tulips”

3. Sondra Dunn Mahoney, “Fights On”

4. Mike Pochop, “Expecting”

5. Tim Berglund, “Scarlet Macaw”

6. Jay Lewis, “Man Waiting”

7. Terri Licking, “Pure Nebraska”

8. Sue Heffner, “Alaska Flower”

9. Mike Hinde, “Red Maple”

10. Sue Perez, “Buffalo Stance”

11. Elizabeth Benson, “Fixing Chaps”

12. Jay Lewis, “Moon Water”

13. Sandy Meyer, “Carter and Dad”

14. Karen Buck, “Tons of Fun”

15. Larry Bryant, “Lillies in 3-D”

16. Teya Carlini, “Dream Weaver”

17. Terry Kingston, “Crystal Blue Reflection”

18. Trisha Stout, “Sea Glass”

19. Patricia Schemmer, “Catch Ya”

20. Bridgette Licking, “Almost Done”

21. Bailey Florom, “OceanLife”

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