Lincoln County Courthouse

Lincoln County Courthouse

The Lincoln County commissioners have a busy Monday morning planned with annual housekeeping responsibilities, such as appointments of department heads and committee assignments.

The board will discuss and consider appointments and salaries for the following department heads for 2020: noxious weed superintendent, highway superintendent, emergency management director and veterans service officer.

Appointment of the official newspaper to publish legal notices in 2020 for the county is an annual decision and the commissioners will make that selection on Monday.

The board will discuss authorizing the county treasurer to relocate the real estate division back to its former office space.

In other business, the board will:

» Consider adoption of a resolution authorizing the county treasurer to invest funds for 2020.

» Consider setting the mileage rate at 57.5 cents per mile per the Nebraska Deptartment of Administrative Services effective 1-13.

» Authorizing the chairman to sign an agreement with North Platte Public Schools for school superintendent services.

» Make appointments to various boards and committees for 2020.

» Discuss and consider declaring the county’s scrap iron in the Lincoln County Road Department to be surplus property that is obsolete or unusable by the county.

» Discuss and consider what value to place on the surplus scrap iron located at the Lincoln County Road Department. Discuss and consider selling the surplus scrap iron to Alter Metals for $70 per ton, contingent on the total value being under $2,500.

» Discuss and consider adopting a resolution to give Commissioner Kent Weems, who is appointed to the governing board of West Central Weed Management Area, authority to vote for the dissolution of WCWMA based on mutual consent of all parties or their representatives.

The board also will consider three special designated liquor permits for:

» GL Concepts LLC (Good Life on the Bricks) for a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds on Jan. 30.

» GL Concepts LLC (Good Life on the Bricks) for a BLET Flatrock Auxiliary No. 8 at Harbor Lights on Feb. 15.

» Big Red Liquor for a Rape and Domestic Abuse Program fundraiser at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds on Jan. 30.

Monday’s meeting begins at 9 a.m. in the Commissioners Room at the Lincoln County Courthouse in North Platte.

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