Annual quilt show begins today

These quilts are part of the Patriotic Gallery at the Nebraskaland Days Quilt Show 2019. The brightly colored flags in red, white and blue will be on display through Saturday at Nebraskaland National Bank on the third floor.

The Heartland Quilters Guild Nebraskaland Days show will display about 100 quilts of various sizes and designs.

The show begins today on the third floor of Nebraskaland National Bank, 1400 S. Dewey St., and runs through Saturday. The hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Friday and 9 a.m. to noon Saturday.

There is no admission fee, although the guild will be accepting donations

Marilyn McGahan, a member of Heartland Quilters’ Guild, pointed out a quilt made by the late Grace Snyder.

“She is a nationally known quilter who has been honored by the National Quilt Society as having one of the 100 best quilts in the world,” McGahan said. “She is in the National Quilters Hall of Fame and the Nebraska Quilters Hall of Fame.”

Snyder grew up in the North Platte area in the Sandhills.

“We will have two of her quilts on display, courtesy of the Lincoln County Historical Museum,” McGahan said. “Her work is hand-pieced, hand-quilted, and she is known for the tiny, tiny pieces. Like taking two pieces of fabric, sewing them together and together they are the size of a postage stamp.”

Chairperson Teresa Smith said it is a treat to have a quilt that’s hand-quilted.

“I know we have at least one (besides the Snyder quilts) that is hand-quilted, but it is becoming a lost art,” Smith said. “You can do such beautiful work on the machine. What would take a year to hand-quilt can be done in literally about a month.”

She said the machine-made quilts are still beautiful.

“Only connoisseurs of quilt making are going to be able to tell the difference,” Smith said.

The quilt show at Nebraskaland bank includes creations of many styles.

“There are quilts that are called “collages” and they are crafted differently to create an image,” Smith said. “They are bits of material that are ironed onto a fusible fabric to make a picture and then they are quilted. There’s no sewing done except for the quilting.”

McGahan said a quilt has a top, backing and either batting or wadding in the middle.

Smith and McGahan said they were very grateful for the generosity of Nebraskaland National Bank for hosting the show.

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