Jay Meduna

North Platte police officer Jay Meduna

Each week, members of the North Platte Police Department will answer questions submitted by Telegraph readers. This week’s question is answered by Officer Jay Meduna. Send questions for consideration to https://bit.ly/33YQ8wK or call 308-535-4715.

Q: What is the proper way to handle a counterfeit bill? Both from the side of the retailer, and also from the side of the consumer (assuming they received it in error).

A: Unfortunately there are counterfeit bills in circulation in this area and here are some of the best ways to deal with them.

As a business or retailer, all employees that handle money should have special training to help them to recognize possible counterfeit bills. They should be trained to look for certain security features, such as embedded security threads, water marks and color shifting inks placed on the bills by the U.S. Treasury Department. Tips that can be used to train employees, business owners, and managers, can be found on the following websites:

If by chance the employee accepts a counterfeit bill, they need to keep the bill and not give it back to the customer. Then they need to call their local law enforcement agency to come seize the bill so it can be taken out of circulation and put into evidence. If a citizen comes across a counterfeit bill, they can always take the bill to any bank and have bank employees run the bill through their verification processes to determine if the bill is real or fake. Most counterfeit bills are very recognizable. Some of the more recent counterfeits have had large pink lettering on one side, “Motion Picture Use Only,” printed somewhere on the bill, or have Chinese symbols on them. Make sure to be vigilant when accepting money and check all the bills. Do not just put it into your register, wallet or purse without checking.

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