‘Fox’ sign makeover kicks off celebration

The Fox sign is taken down from the Neville Center for the Performing Arts on Monday morning. The sign will be refurbished by Condon Signs of North Platte as part of the North Platte Community Playhouse’s “Cheers for 90 Years” campaign.

The Fox sign at the Neville Center for the Performing Arts is getting a facelift.

The sign was taken down Monday morning by Condon Signs, and will go back up in about six weeks after new paint and lights are added.

It is the beginning of the “Cheers to 90 Years” campaign celebrating the theater’s 90th birthday, said Stu Shepherd, president of the North Platte Community Playhouse. Work on the sign will be followed by updating the marquee as well as fixing weathered spots on the outside. Once the outside features are completed in the fall, the walls inside will be cleaned and treated to protect the architectural elements.

“The sign will be redone with all new colors, new LED lighting and new neon,” Shepherd said. “The LED lights are supposedly a little stronger and will stand up to the hail better.”

During the “Cheers to 90 Years” celebration, the theater will feature new shows and events, and begin fundraising for future projects. A schedule will be announced in the next few weeks, Shepherd said.

Shepherd said all light bulbs will be LED and the tubing for the “FOX” lettering will be rubber LED neon tubing.

The theater is an important part of downtown, he said. It operates as a community center and many activities take place there, Shepard said.

“We are committed to making downtown North Platte vibrant, and a place people can come spend their money and have a good time,” Shepherd said.

Of the historic theater at Fifth Street and Bailey Avenue, he said, “It’s our duty right now to preserve this treasure and make sure it is educational and vibrant for generations to come.”

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