Enzo Athletic Performance prepares to reopen

A member of Enzo Athletic Performance trains by pulling a weighted sled. The gym is set to reopen on Monday.

Coach Kayla Jensen was pleased that many members of Enzo Athletic Performance wanted to remain active when the gym had to close temporarily just before Easter.

It’s not that the gym wanted to close. To do their part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and keep the community safe, Enzo Athletic Performance, along with gyms across the country, shut down.

For the time being, they switched to online and at-home workouts. Jensen and the other coaches offered members free equipment rentals so they could stay active at home.

“All of our members had an option to come in and check out equipment. Most of them did,” Jensen said. “I think almost all of our barbells are gone, all of our plate sets are gone, our dumbbells are pretty wiped out. A lot of them took advantage of that.”

They are now shifting their attention after nearly a month away. Non-essential businesses in Lincoln County can reopen on Monday with some restrictions. Enzo Athletic Performance and other local gyms are preparing for the new restrictions.

Jensen said the support they’ve seen from members during this period has been incredible.

“They’ve been more supportive than I could ever imagine,” she said. “They have been beyond supportive. They’ve been blowing up social media with their workouts, and they’ve been checking in with us and letting us know they’re excited to come back.”

While Enzo Athletic Performance was closed, members had the option of keeping a membership at a reduced price for access to online workouts, instructions and equipment rental.

Coach Mark Jensen said they opted not to use Zoom for classes, but instead used an app to distribute workouts along with videos to show members what to do.

“I would video myself explaining the workout and demonstrating everything in the workout just as if they were in class,” Mark said. “Just a video that we send out every day with all that stuff in it.”

Kayla said the gym held return days on Friday and Saturday so they can sanitize the equipment before reopening Monday. Part of that sanitation included a deep clean of the Enzo Athletic Performance facility and repairs to the turf and mats on the floor.

“In the past, I wasn’t worried about people sharing things,” Mark said. “So now, it brings a new thought process for when I program stuff.”

When the facility does reopen, there will be some added regulations as a precaution. Class sizes will be limited to no more than 10 people, and the gym is putting a hold on accepting new members until they feel it is safe to do so. Class times have also been more spread out to allow more members to gain access to classes during this time.

“One of the things we can do is alternate days,” Kayla said about the 10-person limit. “As long as they are getting three or four workouts in a week, I think they will be content and they’re going to be OK.”

Gyms across North Platte have similar restrictions. Anytime Fitness posted on Facebook that the gym will have reduced hours six days a week and will be closed on Sunday. They also announced they are following a 10-person limit, everyone must wipe down equipment once they are done with it, and everyone must wash their hands before and after the workout.

Fire House Gym also posted on Facebook asking its members to follow the same guidelines and limit their workout time. The Nebraska Athletic Club announced on Facebook it had reopened May 1, and it required all members to wear a face mask during workouts.

At Enzo, Kayla said they are used to keeping the gym tidy and organized, but the new regulations will force a change in the way they program workouts.

“We’ve always been pretty good about sanitizing and wiping everything down,” Kayla said. “Workouts have changed a little bit. We used to be doing more partner workouts, and we’re kind of distancing in that aspect.”

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