Pfc. Orvan R. Anderson, Omaha

Staff Sgt. Allison D. Babb, Falls City

Pfc. Vernon L. Barnard, Cortland

Sgt. Ivan Q. Brown, Falls City

Sgt. Raymond J. Brzonkowski, Omaha

Sgt. Donald E. Christensen, Omaha

Staff Sgt. Wayn A. Coxon, Grand Island

2nd Lt. Lewis E. Dailey, Hastings

Pfc. Emil Fendrick, Clarkson

Sgt. William W. Frahm, Sunol

Tech. Sgt. Robert W. Fulton, Beatrice

Pfc. Marvin J. Geiken, Gothenburg

Staff Sgt. Charles P. Gentile, Omaha

Pfc. Lloyd R. Harvey, Ogalalla

Staff Sgt. Floyd W. Hawkins Jr., Beatrice

Pvt. Dale B. Horne, North Platte

Sgt. Norris L. Ivey, Raymond

Tech. 5 Jacob Jacoby, Lincoln

Sgt. Howard H. Johnson, Lincoln

Tech. Sgt. Vard D. Kuebler, Lincoln

Staff Sgt. Harvey B. Langley, Beatrice

Tech. Sgt. Lyle Lovelady, Omaha

Pvt. Louis A. Marino, Omaha

Tech. Sgt. William A. McGinnis, Nebraska

Pvt. Harold G. McKay, North Platte

Staff Sgt. Ralph D. McManaman, Omaha

Pfc. John H. Meints, Pickrell

Staff Sgt. Harold A. Meurrens, Omaha

Sgt. Robert R. Miller, Lincoln

Tech. Sgt. James W. Nichols, Omaha

Staff Sgt. William A. Nydegger, Beatrice

Pfc. Clarence M. Otto, Beatrice

Staff Sgt. Walter F. Placek, Columbus

1st Sgt. Robert H. Putman, Omaha

Staff Sgt. Vyrgel H. Putnam, Lincoln

Pfc. Virgil D. Reimers, Dannebrog

Staff Sgt. Harry P. Saali, Peru

Staff Sgt. Frank J. Schelbitzki Jr., Strang

1st Lt. Hugo W. Schiebinger Jr., Lincoln

Tech. Sgt. Jerome G. Sokol, Duncan

Sgt. Freddie A. Sorenson, Filley

Staff Sgt. Herman Spreier, Lincoln

Staff Sgt. Wesley L. Stahlhut, Nebraska City

Sgt. Charles P. Stevens, Beatrice

Staff Sgt. Joseph G. Swendroski, Omaha

Staff Sgt. George J. Tiedje, Bennington

Staff Sgt. William Tombrink, Omaha

Pfc. Horace E. Van Houten, Taylor

Staff Sgt. Floyd E. Whittaker, Blue Springs

Tech. Sgt. Richard H. Wieser, Humphrey

Tech. 5 James W. Wilber, Big Springs

Capt. Leslie G. Wilson, Omaha

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