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The North Platte Board of Education will take a preliminary look at the district’s 2019-20 proposed budget Monday, although Executive Director of Finance Stuart Simpson said the process has been ongoing throughout this year.

The regular school board meeting is at 5:30 p.m. Monday at McKinley Education Center, 301 West F St.

Each month, Simpson and the board look at various aspects of the budget to maintain an up-to-date view of what needs to be addressed for the coming year.

“On Monday, what we’re going to do is really review the PowerPoint with the board on what we’re talking about for next year’s budget,” Simpson said. “We want the public to think about what we’re saying because we just want to educate the public as to what we do as a school board, and what the requirements are by the state.”

A public hearing on the budget and the property tax request is scheduled at 4 p.m. Aug. 29. After that hearing, the board will vote on both.

“We’re changing it up from last year,” Simpson said. “We want to put it all out there and be transparent and say, this is what we’re doing for next year.”

Simpson said the board spends a lot of time getting the budget ready.

“What we want the patrons to know is that this is not just an ‘oh, by the way, we’ve met and set the budget,’” Simpson said. “This is a yearlong process and we’re coming to the culmination of what we need to be aware of and where we’re going.”

Simpson also emphasized that the school board sets the tax request, but Lincoln County sets the property tax levy.

The board will also take action on the purchase of a coach-style bus that will cost around $200,000.

Simpson said with North Platte High School in Class A for activities, teams travel often to the eastern side of the state, which puts a lot of miles on vehicles.

The board will also take action on two policy changes, Community Relations-Law Enforcement Agencies, and Video and Audio Monitoring.

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