As they look toward a recount in December, the candidates for the Twin Platte NRD at-large board member position commented.

Dewey Schaffer, who ended 80 votes behind Eric Brown, said “if the recount came out in my favor I’d serve,” but “I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. It was a close race and Eric will do a good job if he gets on there.” He added, “It’s an election. Whoever wins, wins.”

Brown noted the number of votes cast, and said, “I’m glad people are showing interest in water. That’s what it has become all about — water. It’s a pretty valuable resource.” He also said he did not think a recount would change the outcome of the election. “I think they counted them right the first time.”

Twin Platte NRD includes Keith and Arthur counties and parts of Lincoln and McPherson counties. Official vote tallies were available Thursday from all but Arthur County. Election results from Arthur County are now official and the numbers did not change.

Brown received 5,892 votes to Schaffer’s 5,812. Brown’s share of the total vote, including write-ins, was 50.03 percent to Schaffer’s 49.35 percent, a difference of 0.68 percent.

State law requires an automatic recount when the winning margin is 1 percent or less in races in which more than 500 total votes were cast.

A recount would not begin until after the Nebraska State Board of Canvassers certifies the election on Dec. 3.

Twin Platte NRD General Manager Kent Miller said a recount will not present any problem for the NRD.

“We reach out to them (new directors) in December,” he said, but “there’s really no big urgency in that.”

New directors take office in January and will be seated at the first board meeting of the year on Jan. 10, he said.

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