Part of Cut Creek Road washes out, revealing large hole

A worker stands in a 20-foot-deep hole along Cut Creek Road south of Maxwell. The road has been closed since Tuesday because of this huge hole.

A swath of Cut Creek Road south of Maxwell washed out Tuesday, leaving a 20-foot-deep hole.

Carla O’Dell, Lincoln County highway superintendent, said the road will be closed until repairs can be made.

“It’s a hole that looks like it may have started from some varmint digging on the shoulder,” O’Dell said. “Then, of course, the rain drains down through it and undermines the road, and sooner or later it gives out.”

O’Dell said the county is gathering materials for the repair.

“We’ll have to go in there and bore it all out,” O’Dell said. “We’re going to have to start from the bottom and work up, pack it in there and compact it.”

O’Dell said it is likely a two-week project to get it repaired. She said there are alternate routes including Cottonwood Canyon Road.

“The damage closes about 5 miles of road that goes between Hanson Hill Road and Fox Creek Road,” O’Dell said.

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