Putt-N-Crawl raises over $13,000

Deborah’s Legacy Co-Founder and Director Jill Vaughn, left, accepts a check from Tammi Ramsey, co-chair, for the North Platte Jaycees Putt-N-Crawl event on March 7 that raised $13,609.63 for three organizations. Deborah’s Legacy received $9,009.63, Lincoln County Ag Society $1,800 and the North Platte Community Playhouse $2,800 from the popular event.

The North Platte Jaycees raised $13,609.63 at its 7th annual Putt-N-Crawl event on March 7, “Shipwrecked: Let’s get Nauti.” The fundraiser took place just before the COVID-19 shutdown.

Tammi Ramsey, co-chair of the event, said many have told her it was the last fun thing to occur before directed health measures were put in place. The event had grown to the point it needed a new venue and this year the host was the Beef Barn at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds.

Three organizations received funds from the event. The proceeds from the festivities at the barn were split between the Ag Society, which received $1,800, and the North Platte Community Playhouse, which received $2,800. Deborah’s Legacy has been a partner for five years and this year received $9,009.63 strictly from ticket sales.

“Deborah’s Legacy is near and dear to all of our hearts,” Ramsey said. “The first year we were able to donate money to them actually helped to keep their doors open. I’ve personally seen women come through the program and become amazing members of society.”

Jill Vaughn, director and co-founder of Deborah’s Legacy, was filled with emotion as she took the check from the Jaycees.

“It’s hard to not hug you,” Vaughn said to Ramsey. “It’s overwhelming, really in this time and this space.”

Vaughn said normally the check passing takes place at the Jaycees Hall, which would be full of Jaycees members and “a whole bunch of people from Legacy.”

“One of the things that stands out to us is the creed that’s hanging in the Jaycees Hall,” Vaughn said. “There’s a couple things that always jump out.”

She wrote them down so she would quote them accurately.

“‘Faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life,’” Vaughn said. “and ‘Service to humanity is the best work of life.’”

Vaughn thanked the Jaycees co-chair team of Ramsey, Sydnee Hansen and Keri Fisher for the work they did putting in over 1,000 hours organizing the event.

Shari Cecil accepted the check for the Lincoln Ag Society and Stuart Shepherd accepted for the Playhouse.

Ramsey said there were 44 sponsors that drove over $6,000 in in-kind donations, and 83 teams took part in the event.

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