The Sweet Saloon is open for business

Doris Howard has the important job of glazing the rolls when they come out of the oven at the Sweet Saloon.

The Mid-Plains Community College volleyball team was preparing Monday for their big yearly fundraiser, making sweet cinnamon rolls for the Sweet Saloon to kick off Nebraskaland Days.

The money helps the volleyball players pay for books, among other things, head volleyball coach Alexa McCall said.

McCall said they started last week by making calls to the people who ordered last year, which accounts for a majority of the sales. Pre-orders can still be made online at or by calling 308-535-3696. Rolls are $18 per dozen.

McCall said the team is expecting to sell around 200 dozen rolls each day. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be delivery and pickup days. People can also buy individual rolls or a dozen rolls at McDaid Elementary School from 7 to 10 a.m. Tuesday.

McCall said the community has supported the team with this fundraiser for many years and it continues to grow.

“We are thankful for the community support, and I also think it is a fun time for the girls as it is the first time for the incoming freshmen and sophomores to be around each other,” McCall said. “It is a fun time for everyone involved.”

Hiland Dairy donated many products for making the cinnamon rolls, which was a big help, McCall said.

“There are a lot of costs that go into running a fundraiser, and this (the donation) helps us make more money, so we are very thankful for them,” McCall said

McCall also thanked McDaid Elementary for letting the team bake there.

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