Man sentenced to prison for sexual assault of a child

A man who sent sexually explicit Facebook messages to two teen girls and had sexual relationships with them will spend time in prison.

Timothy Scholar, 27, was sentenced in Lincoln County District Court on Monday.

Scholar was sentenced to three years in prison for one count of third-degree sexual assault of a child. When that sentence is complete, Scholar will serve another three-year sentence for a second count of third-degree sexual assault of a child.

Scholar was also given two sentences of two years in prison for two counts of electronic child enticement. The two-year prison sentences will be served at the same time as one another, and at the same time as the three-year sentences.

Along with nine months of post-release supervision for each count, Scholar will have to register as a sex offender for 25 years. He was given credit for 426 days of jail time.

Deputy County Attorney Tanya Roberts-Connick declined to recommend a sentence in court, instead submitting it on the pre-sentence investigation, which is completed by the probation office. The silence on a sentencing recommendation was part of Scholar’s plea agreement, she said.

Prior to the case, Mr. Scholar had little to no criminal history, said Scholar’s attorney, Matthew Pederson.

Pederson added that Scholar did not meet the definition of a pedophile in the PSI and his plea agreement saved the expense and emotion of taking his case to trial. Pederson asked that Scholar receive credit for more than a year spent in jail.

When asked if he had anything to say, Scholar said his young son, who was born since Scholar’s September 2017 arrest, was in the courtroom.

“I just want to say I do love him,” Scholar said, adding that he didn’t realize how much having a child changed a person until his son was born.

“I want to make sure I act how I expect him to act from now on,” Scholar said.

District Judge Richard Birch agreed with some of Pederson’s points out loud, “but these are extremely serious offenses,” he said.

Birch added that in his time in Lincoln County, such offenses are typically met with prison time, and for good reason.

Scholar was originally charged with two counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child. At the time of his plea deal, Roberts-Connick said that Scholar was arrested after a parent reported that her daughter, younger than 14, was contacting Scholar via Facebook.

After police found numerous messages that were “very sexually explicit in nature,” the woman’s daughter and another girl, who was also younger than 14, both reported having had sexual relationships with Scholar, Roberts-Connick said.

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