Safe driving fuels Walmart Distribution Center Private Fleet donation

North Platte Walmart Distribution Center employees present a $1,000 check to Buffalo Elementary School Principal DaNesa Fleck on Tuesday morning. Chris Streeter, left, transportation operations manager; Scott Barnes, driver; and April Frickey, general transportation manager, participated in the presentation.

Pennies add up, especially when related to safe driving and giving back to the community.

The North Platte Walmart Distribution Center Private Fleet drivers racked up 100,000 miles of accident-free driving during the week of July 20-26 and raised $1,000 through the Miles for Smiles program. On Tuesday morning, general transportation manager April Frickey presented a check to DaNesa Fleck, principal at Buffalo School.

“Every year we pick a school; it doesn’t have to be North Platte,” Frickey said. “We’ve done Sutherland, Maxwell, Hershey and surrounding schools as well.”

Frickey said there were only 24 drivers who drove during this time period in North Platte.

“This is a highlight for us and we always try to bring a driver with us because they are the ones out there earning the money,” Frickey said.

Driver Scott Barnes and transport operations manager Chris Streeter participated in the check presentation.

“It’s a very nice reward that our school can use for great supplies and things that go towards our students and staff,” Fleck said. “We’re very excited and humbled that they picked us. I think we’ll do some brainstorming with our students and staff and decide where the best need is for the money.”

Frickey said the drivers and associates at the Walmart DC decide which school should receive the funds.

“We try to spread that out throughout the years,” Frickey said. “This year we had some associates who had grandkids that go here, so they picked Buffalo.”

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