School Board approves leasing of space at Osgood school to day care

Nick and Chantel Tonkinson, middle, owners of Ladybug Crossing Daycare answer questions from the North Platte Public Schools Board of Education Monday about their partnership with the district for use of space at Osgood Elementary to relocate their business. The board approved the item unanimously.

The North Platte Public Schools Board of Education voted to partner with Ladybug Crossing Daycare to lease space at Osgood Elementary to relocate the business.

The approval for Chantel and Nick Tonkinson, owners of Ladybug Crossing Childcare, to lease space at the school was met with positive feedback from board members Monday.

“This to me is a no-brainer,” said board member Matt Pederson. “We are utilizing unused space and revenue will be coming back to the district.”

Pederson addressed rumors about losing programs to accommodate the business.

“If we were losing music and art, I would not be in favor of this,” Pederson said. “It is absolutely a great move for our district.”

Board member Mike Morrell asked Executive Director of Finance Stuart Simpson where the money from the lease would go in the district’s budget.

“It would go into the cooperating fund,” Simpson said. “It will be used to pay for utilities and property taxes for that area of the building.”

Simpson said once the configuration is determined, the district would then have to pay property taxes on the portion of the building used by the day care.

Chantel Tonkinson said she is looking forward to working with the district.

“We will be relocating our child care center to that area,” Tonkinson said. “Currently we lease space from a church.”

Tonkinson said the capacity at their current location is 59 and they run about 85% of capacity on any given day. Pederson asked what the capacity would be at Osgood.

“Depending on licensing, right now based on our preliminary estimates we believe our capacity could be around 100 children,” Tonkinson said.

Superintendent Ron Hanson said there would be a provision for public schools staff.

“We have included in the lease agreement that we would reserve 12 spots in our center for North Platte district staff,” Tonkinson said. “We currently serve three families right now that are employed by the district, so there would be nine additional spots available upon our move out there.”

Simpson also presented the Qualified Capital Purpose Undertaking Fund bond refinancing that would save the district $100,000. The board approved the action unanimously.

“Anytime we can save some money — is a good thing,” said Board President Skip Altig.

The board also approved the purchase of a new diesel motor truck from Bill Summers in the amount of $40,000, which included a trade in of a 1996 truck. Janssen also submitted a bid with their price a little higher at $42,261.

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