When I was young, I was a junior member of the NRA. I enjoyed hunting and using my rifle in target competition. I was good at it, earning the Expert Marksman Medal. I knew what a gun or rifle was intended to be used for — it was for recreational activities and in some cases possibly for personal protection.

When I served in Vietnam, I learned what a weapon of war was and its intended use. I saw the carnage that these weapons can and did inflict. I learned that these weapons of war were not rifles or guns but destructive means of killing other individuals.

These weapons of war serve no legitimate purpose in society and need to be eliminated from the public in general. I want you to tell me how they improve the sport of hunting or target practice and/or competition. They simply do not fit into either of these categories.

Don’t give me that B.S. that I want to do away with your guns. That is simply not true. What I want to do is eliminate the carnage inflicted by these weapons of war in what should be a responsible society. You can kill with a knife or a gun; however, your chances of killing 20, 30 or 50 innocent individuals with these items are small enough as to not be relevant in this discussion.

I know that my comments will bring on a flurry of responses that I am calling for strict gun control. But it is fairly simple, I will defend your right to bear arms but not the right to bear weapons of war.

Michael Cook

North Platte

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