I am a Husker. I grew up in Maxwell and will rest at the Fort (McPherson) when God calls me home. I presently live in a town that had the same problem as North Platte. Both towns are fueled by one business, the Union Pacific in North Platte and Wolf Creek Nuclear Station in my town. Both have governments that tend toward foolishness about golf courses.

In my town a golf course was built down the road from the $3 billion power plant. In 2019, after several owners, the golf course was up for sale. The owner called it quits and decided to sell the land to surrounding property owners. Not willing to put up their own money, the city elite decided to approach the county government and request a loan to buy the course. After 45 years of losses, but having lots of tax base, the County Commission voted for a 20-year interest-free loan to buy the course. The city backed off after citizen protests, and the last owner declared that there was no chance of the course making money even with volunteer workers. Victory for “We the People.”

Can your government, after 25 years of playing the entertainer, do a better job of running a golf course in North Platte than professionals, or will you continue to pound money down the hole in a green to benefit a few who do not want to put up their own money? The course will stay in operation, “as long as the taxpayers pay up each April 15.” With the black cloud of unemployment hanging over the U.P. yards and the golf population decreasing, you will not make money, but since the taxpayers are paying and government jobs do not depend on success, who cares?

Is this a new situation? Check out 1 Samuel 8 and the promise from God of what the goal of human government is. It does not say “build golf courses.” but in the case of North Platte, the situation fits the purpose of government. In the U.S. you are the government, thus if it happens, you are to blame.

Don Small

Burlington, Kansas

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