As Nebraskaland Days 2019 comes to a close, there is one word that comes to mind: grateful.

Grateful for the 16 other board members who give everything they have to ensure this community has a successful, fun and safe celebration. They each put in well over 100 hours of their own personal time away from their families and everyday jobs during this 11-day event.

Grateful for the four other board members who will be ending their terms as representatives of Nebraskaland Days along with myself in a few months. We have been a part of several great additions within this organization over the past five or six years. I find comfort in knowing our friendships and involvement with NLD will last well-beyond today.

Grateful for our executive director, David Fudge, and his staff for all that they do leading up to and during the celebration. You are the consistent support and direction we need to make this event a success.

Grateful for the countless volunteers who help during this celebration. From the Cody Cavalry, to the Guardians of the Children, to the Sheriff’s Posse, to the city of North Platte employees and many, many others — without you, Nebraskaland Days as we know it today does not exist.

Grateful for the sponsors we have that support NLD. Your continued support, some for nearly 30 years, does not go unnoticed.

And last, grateful for a community that is the reason Nebraskaland Days is recognized as the official state celebration. You will never know the number of people who are visitors to our community during this event that are in awe of the hospitality, respect and patriotism they receive and see while they are here.

From the costumes and laughs at the kiddie parade, to the River Valley Thunder at the rodeos, to the smiles and waves as we ride through town on our horses that first Saturday, and to the thousands of you that are singing along each night at the concerts — we are truly grateful.

Cory Johanson

North Platte

Nebraskaland Days Board President 2019

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