Alzheimer’s research is imperative, alongside education and public policy. From July 14-18, eight Nebraska Alzheimer’s researchers and health professionals joined over 5,900 people from 60 countries for the largest conference dedicated to Alzheimer’s research in the world — the Alzheimer’s Association’s International Conference. Nebraska researchers presented information about beta-amyloid, a protein considered to be particularly prevalent in individuals living with Alzheimer’s.

Primary themes from the conference included:

» Women are at the epicenter of this disease; two-thirds of those diagnosed are women, and a majority of caregivers are women.

» Research backs up that lifestyle choices do matter: Don’t smoke, exercise more, make good choices in diet, and get a good night’s sleep.

» Failures in the science world are an important part of knowing more about the disease. We must keep pushing amid challenges.

» Our communities are hungry for the message of hope through advancements in research.

As we approach the North Platte Walk to End Alzheimer’s, scheduled for Sept. 22, we would like to say thank you to area residents so dedicated to ending this terrible disease. When you participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, you help place the Alzheimer’s Association as the worldwide leader in Alzheimer’s research and support Nebraska researchers in their efforts.

To learn more about and get involved in Alzheimer’s research, visit or call 800-272-3900. To contribute to Alzheimer’s research, visit to learn about fundraising events in and around North Platte.

Sharon Stephens


Statewide director, Alzheimer’s Association Nebraska Chapter

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