This letter primarily is for North Platte area Christians or anyone who cares about helping others with legitimate needs. Such an effort currently exists in the North Platte area, called CarePortal, established through a Christian nondenominational organization, Compass.

Any Christian church can be involved, and it works like this. Nebraska’s local Health and Human Services personnel screen people’s needs to be sure they are legitimate. The needs may be simple or more complex, but they are needs the people seeking help cannot afford to meet on their own. HHS then refers the legitimate needs to cooperating churches. The cooperating churches then ask their members to help meet the need if they feel moved to and are able to. So far, five local area churches are involved with CarePortal. Their involvement is why I am sending this letter to the editor.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if this effort became a communitywide church effort? People’s legitimate needs would be met more quickly and in far greater numbers than is now possible with individual churches each helping in isolation. The HHS professionals are experienced at dealing with screening like this as compared with individuals in churches who may not have such expertise. On the other hand, it is a way churches can show the love of Christ with a unity that does not involved doctrine other than the second Great Commandment of Jesus for Christians to love others as we love ourselves. It is an opportunity to show Christ’s love and Christian unity that transcends local congregation turf issues.

That is the reason for this letter — to encourage more North Platte area churches to participate in this marvelous service opportunity. A communitywide HHS-church effort would put the North Platte area on the map as an effective caring community. If you are associated with a congregation that might be interested, please text or call the local coordinator for CarePortal, Ali Reichenberg, at 308-520-5045.

R. Peter Johnson

North Platte

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