To Mitchel Rickett (letter to the editor, July 25):

There are many examples of how capitalism has worked and is working today. Thank you for pointing that out. I referred to President Trump because he was being criticized for “capitalism is what we have become.” I did not see Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett or anyone else referred to in the letter on capitalism (Hope Hunt letter, July 11).

So you realize President Trump lost his daddy’s money, plus other dollars, in four bankruptcies and failed business ventures. Only means he kept trying and became a success. As for Mar-a-Lago, good for him. Another success on the membership fee. Must cost a fortune to keep that place going and lots of people employed. I do not understand the part that it costs taxpayers $3.6 million for him to visit his home there. And speaking of taxes, if he must release his tax returns, then all politicians should release theirs. You serve the public, the public should know. And $400,000 a year to charity is not enough? Really?

My whole point in writing the letter was to defend capitalism. Thank you for your help on that. I fear we are headed toward socialism in America. Too many people are not willing to work for their own support and want everything given to them, at others’ expense. I love to help people; however, there are those with true needs and those who do not want to do their fair share. An unearned paycheck, so to speak.

You do know everything is not about President Trump. Although it always seems to get there.

Patti Bousquet


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