Since the 2016 presidential election the Dems have been an angry bunch. Whether this is justified is debatable. However, the 92% negativity toward Trump by the national media doesn’t seem fair; 50% seems more reasonable.

Perhaps local conservatives don’t agree with these columnists frequently published in the Telegraph: Eugene Robinson (Washington Post), Salena Zito (CNN), Kathleen Parker and Ann McFeatters. The only effective conservative columnists are Ben Shapiro and Michael Barone. There are also tertiary columns between these.

Is there a balance on the editorial page? I haven’t seen any Republican complaints.

The Dems’ debate question that aroused the conservatives most was the one where all the candidates raised their hands when asked if they’d support unlimited health care for illegal immigrants. Cost estimates for this care ranged from $40 billion and up. It could break down our systems; besides, somebody’s got to pay for it! Bernie Sanders said higher taxes and lower health premium. Little Tattoo might have said, “The cost, the cost!”

Dennis Beavers


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