To the city of North Platte:

I was sorely disappointed when I went to “baby land” in the North Platte Cemetery to retrieve artificial flowers that I had left on my babies’ graves at Memorial Day and found that they had already been removed.

It was on Tuesday morning (a week after Memorial Day) and I had forgotten that it was required that they be removed by Monday as the crews mow on Tuesday.

When I arrived, there was a dumpster nearly full of flowers and plants. Thankfully, I had removed our live plants earlier and just lost artificial decorations. I understand the principle behind having them removed (except I thought ones left on the concrete monuments could stay, but I had a toy truck and little angel statue on the concrete that was also gone).

However, while there, I noted that the “new” baby land plot directly across from the old seems to have flowers there yearround and I have never seen them thrown away by the mowing crew.

My question is: Why is the old baby land and rest of the cemetery required to remove them quickly or risk disposal while the new baby land appears to be allowed decorations year around?

I hope it is not because the city thinks that no one cares about their babies that have been buried in the old area for many years.

As I said, I was disappointed and would hope different arrangements could be made in the future. At least give a longer grace period after Memorial Day and treat both areas with equal respect.

Kathy Sprague

North Platte

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