So Ron Holscher was offended by the political cartoon in the Telegraph on June 27, a very mild cartoon as political cartoons go, I might add.

Ron and his like-minded socialist pals can dish it out, and that’s perfectly fine, but they can’t take it. How about pictures of a has-been actress holding the decapitated head of Donald Trump; or Trump being shot in a rap video; or the hundreds of cartoons depicting Trump and those of us who support him as being unhinged, stupid racists; and the list goes on. We are called deplorables, toothless rednecks, smelly Walmart people, uneducated, and on and on. And how about the ones on your side, Ron, that attack President Trump’s staff and conservative senators and congressmen in restaurants and other public places. Are we allowed to be offended by that, Ron?

The Telegraph doesn’t always have people or cartoons on the Opinion Page that I like or would ever agree with, but the difference is I would fight to keep your opinions and those I don’t like in the newspaper, and you would only want to shut me and all conservatives up. It’s called the right to free speech, Ron.

Ruth Swoboda


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