I hope Sandee Kroon (letter to the editor, May 15) and the like-minded will awake to decades of lying and false facts about marijuana spun by the government. I’m surprised that we still even want to believe anything the government says. The citizens of the United States should be demanding every right to do as they want with themselves.

This isn’t just about medicinal marijuana. It is about the freedom of a human being.

I do not use any substance except for caffeine but recognize the monumental importance of having more freedom than less. Are you truly a freedom-loving American, or would you still like for yourself and others to be told what you can and cannot do? I am fortunate enough to want all of the choices at my disposal since I possess the intelligence to navigate them.

Furthermore, who is anyone to tell another what they can or cannot use in sickness, especially a plant from the Mother Earth, the same dirt I came from? I am nobody, you are nobody, the government is nobody.

Instead of listening to a manipulative government, let us listen to those who have legalized medical marijuana in other states. Let us listen to those who are in sickness and have been helped because of it. Let us consult scientific studies and actual facts about marijuana potential instead of relying on the scare tactics deployed over the last several decades by the government.

This time and just for the sick, let us move toward more freedom, not continued restriction.

Brady Pochon


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