Hope Hunt (letter to the editor, July 11), yes, capitalism is what we are. I just ask you to look at a few thoughts. Do you know of any politician “serving the public” who will give up their salary to charity? Most of them have become millionaires or billionaires from that “serving the public.” Donald Trump made his money being a business man via capitalism. This man gets up every morning to serve us, without pay, knowing there are dozens of people getting up only looking for a negative item to report about him. His wife, his income, his family, any decisions he’s made since he was born, any decisions he will, could or should make yesterday, today or tomorrow, what he eats and, yes, even how he wears his hair. Sorry, I would crawl away and hide. Yet he adapts, perseveres and overcomes. For what?

My family was poor, 11 children. Never on welfare or food stamps. No college for us. Mother did not work outside the home until the last child was in school. Still, with hard work, seven of us had our own business, as did Dad. We are not rich, but we are OK. Capitalism worked for our family; I am sorry it has not worked for you. Capitalism may not be perfect, but maybe you have a better idea. Let’s hear it and an example of how that idea works.

Patti Bousquet


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