In response to Muriel Clark’s letter in Sunday’s Telegraph (Nov. 24):

Ms. Clark, you are really drinking the Kool-Aid. Of all the so-called witnesses you mentioned (in the impeachment hearing), only one spoke directly to President Donald Trump — Gordon Sondland. He asked the president what he wanted from the new Ukrainian president. The president said he wanted nothing, no quid pro quo, only that he do the right thing. Do you think — I mean, really think — that what went on in those so-called hearings was at all fair to the president? He was not allowed to have a lawyer there. The witnesses who just heard things first-, second- or third-hand would still be testifying behind closed doors if pressure hadn’t been put on the leader of this clown show to go public.

The news outlets I’m sure you listen to are now being threatened with a lawsuit by Rep. Devin Nunes for outright lies told about him. Adam Schiff, the biggest liar of all, has made a complete mockery of the Constitution and the House of Representatives. Instead of doing their job like bringing the trade bill with Canada and Mexico to the floor or doing anything on border security, they are wasting millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on a phony impeachment hearing — nothing the president has done, Ms. Clark, is an impeachable offense. So get over it. President Trump wins in 2020.

Ruth Swoboda


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