My question for the day is: How can the North Platte Telegraph claim to be objective and impartial when the huge majority of political cartoons on the editorial page are created by far right conservatives and misinformed Trump cheerleaders?

Thursday’s “cartoon” (June 27), and I use the term very loosely because it wasn’t in the least bit funny, featured a ma-and-pa scene in front of the television set. Pa says, “I didn’t realize Fantasy Island was still on TV,” whereupon Ma quickly retorts, “That’s the Democratic debates.”

And where did this caricature originate? You got it, right out of the deep South, radical red state of Georgia. The Augusta Chronicle, to be exact, and from the pen of Rick McKee, a well known but unorthodox conservative who loves to stir up trouble with insensitive, controversial material.

My subsequent complaint to The Telegraph resulted in the same kind of answer and response I get when I express my opinion to Sen. Deb Fischer: Let’s do it my way. Well, this incensed Democrat has had enough local and national partisan politics and has chosen to look elsewhere for a newspaper — my subscription will not be renewed.

Ron Holscher


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