To Sen. Deb Fischer,

In your latest newsletter you write that Congress has the opportunity to unite around a common-sense agreement that will benefit America’s economy for years to come by supporting the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, a negotiated trade agreement that replaces NAFTA.

You urge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives to bring the USMCA up for a vote so we can push it over the finish line.

What you failed to tell your constituents is the reason Speaker Pelosi held up the vote, which was because there are insufficient protections for workers and the environment. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told reporters that negotiators should return to the bargaining table to strengthen the enforcement provisions.

Sen. Fischer, you are chairman of the Surface Transportation Subcommittee in the Senate that oversees railroads.

President Trump’s appointees to the Federal Railroad Administration and the National Mediation Board support regulation changes allowing for Precision Railroading. Recently, the FRA has opened the door for one-person or no-person train crews.

Senator, you sponsored S.1451, the Rails Act, when you should have been protecting coal jobs, and showing concerns for the safety of our communities and railroad employees.

During a town hall in October 2016, you stated there is a “war on coal,” and Congressman Adrian Smith stated the same.

Why wasn’t something done to help with the environment and to help save railroad and mine workers’ jobs? Was there a bill sponsored to help retrain people who are losing their jobs?

Sen. Fischer, what are you going to do to help with the lawsuit that the railroads filed against the SMART TD Union that would break an agreement for two-person crews?

With the testing of autonomous trains and longer trains, how are you going to oversee that communities and employees are safe?

The House has passed over 307 bills that Sen. Mitch McConnell will not bring to the floor. Maybe a little compromise is in order, Senator.

Terry Sigler

North Platte

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