There are no words to calmly express my feelings concerning the mass shootings happening in the United States. I feel sadness for the innocent people who have died in these terrible attacks. I feel strongly that the shooters should go to the head of the line of court cases; receive a speedy trial (within 30 days of their attack); and, should the shooter be found guilty, receive the death penalty. That act should be carried out minutes after the sentence is delivered. A rifle squad would be fine in my opinion.

I am not calm. I am angry. Our national flag is at half staff, indicating that the nation’s people mourn for the victims of these atrocities. That is true; however, the flag at half staff sends a signal to foreign countries that the USA is a weak nation. How many times has our flag been lowered because of mass shootings? The nation appears unable to handle this problem.

What happens to America’s proud people after a natural disaster? People put out their flag at full staff to indicate they are strong and will rebuild, and damn the flood or tornado or earthquake. I’m thinking the Stars and Stripes should be flown at full staff through a crisis such as we have and show the world that we are strong and proud.

The Second Amendment is taking a hit right now because we have not been able to stop gun violence. Is the Second Amendment the real culprit in this imperfect world? Did the Founding Fathers really mean Americans could keep their guns forever? When the Second Amendment is stricken from the record, then, I believe, the flag should be lowered to half staff.

David C. Olson

North Platte

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